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Love is Hell (Single + Instrumental)

by Rabbit Junk

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Fetus Zero
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Fetus Zero This song is absolute FIRE! The more I listen to it, the more I love it. Favorite track: Love is Hell (Album Version).
Kaotek thumbnail
Kaotek 🔥 I became a fan about when Xenoshperes dropped and I had no clue I would fall forever to your music. Fall seems so far away, but I've absolutely loved every single so far.
Stay relentless ❤ Favorite track: Love is Hell (Album Version).
strawbebbypie thumbnail
strawbebbypie my partner prefers a bit of pop in their music, and the fact that we're bonding over this track is some kind of magic. rabbit junk, i'll fall forever to you! ❤ the level of genre switching through the past few tracks is pumping me for the album release!
and as always, the album are is ON POINT! 🔥 Favorite track: Love is Hell (Album Version).
They talk about it like its instinct Find your refuge in the other’s embrace Hand in hand like our souls are linked One heart, one mind, that can’t break, yeah…right Lose my self Wretched ego world, every thought burns Still, I retain the being Born of a gift but fragile Always two of our selves are seeing One blinded by denial Are we going far away? I’ll fall forever to you Are you going to fall away? I’ll fall forever to you Maybe I’m perfectionist Gotta get everything right on the first try (first try) Or maybe I’m simply just a masochist Looking for adversity were none exists Awaken to the cold dark horror I gazed into the abyss A pale light in the distance Are we going far away? I’ll fall forever to you Are you going to fall away? I’ll fall forever to you This is one that hurts A patient reminder that there’s more Then the cold sting and burn Of the price we pay for all we’ve learned Love and death, my first and last breath Love is hell! Are we going far away? I’ll fall forever to you Are you going to fall away? I’ll fall forever to you


In all honesty, it's a love song. It's just that love is complicated AF and so this song couldn't simply present one side of the multifaceted and soul-wrenching experience we glibly call "love". So I aimed for something akin to "industrial-metal death-pop" to capture just a meager sliver of love's complexity. I worked through some shit. I feel better. Music saves. XOXO

This is a single from out forthcoming full-length album Apocalypse for Beginners, due out in fall of 2022. This album will also be "pay what you want", as always. Help us get the album out by donating a bit of change for this track!


released June 24, 2022

Art by The Iron Parasite: theironparasite.com


all rights reserved



Rabbit Junk Los Angeles, California

Rabbit Junk is a cyberPUNK and industrial metal duo based in Southern California, USA. Members = Dr. JP (words, music, producer, guitar, vocals) and Sum Grrrl (words, vocals, keyboards).


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