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Pop That Pretty Thirty

by Rabbit Junk

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Wess Fowler
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Wess Fowler everything rabbit junk makes is just amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leo Stableford
Leo Stableford thumbnail
Leo Stableford An unrelenting scatter gun of punk-techno joy and energy. Everything about this is wonderful.

Somehow IDONTGIVEAFUCK is not played at every rock club on every rock evening and the crowds assembled do not chant every single syllable as the air fills with attitude and sweat. I feel this is in contravention of some international law and we should all do our bit to make this happen. Favorite track: IDONTGIVEAFUCK.
Cheveu Miracle
Cheveu Miracle thumbnail
Cheveu Miracle (cyberpunk darksynth / 2014 ep / USA // )
friskinganun thumbnail
friskinganun Love the heavy beats and the mix of male and female vocals. Favorite track: Pop That Pretty Thirty.
Brianna Kingham
Brianna Kingham thumbnail
Brianna Kingham The first time I heard music from Rabbit Junk about 2 years ago, I thought it was more of an acquired taste. A couple of days ago this popped up on my feed and I decided what the hell, I'll press play. Apparently I have acquired the taste, because I was headbanging to every track! Favorite track: IDONTGIVEAFUCK.
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    3 track EP with two bonus tracks. 2014.
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released August 30, 2014


all rights reserved



Rabbit Junk Seattle, Washington

With a rare ability to fuse metal, punk, EDM, urban, and film score into a cohesive signature sound, Rabbit Junk are as difficult to pin down as they are infectious to listen to. Based in Seattle, USA. Members = JP (words, music, producer, guitar, vocals) and Sum Grrrl (words, vocals, keyboards). ... more

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Track Name: Pop That Pretty Thirty
Patrols on the boundaries
in prison cells and factories
on your phone and old TV
in between the lines we read
no suits no conspiracy, just a lack of agency
who's the perp, run the APB
just look in the mirror and look for me

The haves and the have-nots
the bottom and the top
black market and mall shops
99 and 1 percenters
dissenters and defenders
slum lords and renters
a comedy of pretenders


Greed, glory an fear
the eyes, the ears
no panopticon, just dads and moms
keep calm and carry on
vignettes of silhouettes
popping up as the sun sets
settlers heading ever west
looking for souls to digest
Track Name: Precipice
Burn, blow away as dust I cast you out
Push you off the precipice, I have no doubt
Finger on the trigger, just say when
blow away as dust, never see you again

now, walk away you must, I turn my back
never can you trust those who attack
so you'll fall to earth
then you'll learn
the only way back
is to burn

Burn, burn

Now, bury deep you pride and close your eyes
nothing left inside but the haunted cries
finger on the trigger, the dawn has turned
the white light burns, the white light burns

Burn, burn
I want to go out dancing but they will not let me go
Throw my hands up in the air and stomp my feet upon the floor
but these obligations, obligations, weighing down on me
so I think it's time that I.D.O.N.T.G.I.V.E.

Got shit to clean, got things to feed, got a book to write, got some rules to fight
But these sparkle dancing shoes need their pretty flashing lights

(Nadia G): No gods no masters, I'm y own disaster. Neither former nor latter, just climbing Jacob's ladder

I've lived long enough to be scared to die
I've lived long enough to be scared to die
Which means every single minute I live this life
I yield to the moment like the flesh does the knife
I yield to the moment like the flesh does the knife
I yield to the moment like the flesh does the knife