from Invasion EP by Rabbit Junk



Influenced by a slew of science fiction horror films and video games, this track explores an odd pairing of emotions: betrayal and empowerment. This is first time Rabbit Junk has used a "Gabber" kick tone since their 2008 album "This Life.." - definitely gives the track an old school Shizit vibe


[voice over]: from the shadows, we watch, we listen, we taste the air, we feel your breath, we are bring back...the darkness


You can't out-run the night
Choose your ground
but you must fight
see the first wave
from all sides
no where is safe
cutting are way through
if I go down
at least I know I died fighting with you

It's in your eyes
Pitch black inside
Nowhere to hide
you can't turn back the tide

at last I see some light
in the distance
shining bright
a pulse of hope
that when I looked
deep in your eyes
Then I knew
I was alone
I'd never see home
eternal eclipse
the taste of hope
stinging my lips

[voice over]: we live among you, beyond your senses, beyond your fears, we are bring back...the darkness

It's in your eyes
Pitch black inside
Nowhere to hide
you can't turn back the tide


from Invasion EP, released January 30, 2015


all rights reserved



Rabbit Junk Seattle, Washington

With a rare ability to fuse metal, punk, EDM, urban, and film score into a cohesive signature sound, Rabbit Junk are as difficult to pin down as they are infectious to listen to. Based in Seattle, USA. Members = JP (words, music, producer, guitar, vocals) and Sum Grrrl (words, vocals, keyboards). ... more

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