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This was originally a pre The Shizit track, circa 1998.


I feel no sympathy
It's easy
Leave it alone, let it be
All activity must be stop
All the doors must be locked
Don't make sound or we all be fucked
I hear it lurking outside
It's a monster what?
This should be no surprise
It's the other half of your life
Scary as hell
Thank god I got my wife
She's a soldier at your side
That none can divide
But in the end you'll have to face a very different kind

Solitude no "we"
This cut don't bleed
So leave it alone, let it be
Break it upon the rocks of your needs
A sinking island, it doesn't want to find them
No friend, no foe, no loose ends to mend
In isolation
There's no tempation
To break from familiarity of feeling like a rarity
A lock with no key
This falling twig is finally been set free

So what's the disparity
What's the problem?
You don't need no one
You need nothing from
Laughing and smiles
No one for miles
I am a rock
Fuck the flock
They're just outlines in chalk (yeah)
Manikins that talk (yeah)
Fists that knock (yeah)
Bullshit that walks
I float above it alone in my grace
The ants disappear without no fuckin' trace

What the fuck is this chain in my chest
Dug into my gut it's tugged by the rest
I can't be dependant, I can't be a mess
I must remain solid in the face of this duress
Its tug of war
Killing my very core
A conflict of property, no more, no more
I'll break the chain
I'll cut myself off
No one can touch me in my isolation

You don't speak of the love, you don't speak of rewards
You don't speak of rewards, you don't speak of the cost
I am an altogether different being
I got black wings of fire and eyes of true seeing
In the past I've seen my enemies go a fleeing
Now I avoid the whole thing
No friend to whom I'm clinging
Some say it's not a way to be living
That you should spend your life giving and giving
So I flipped the switch
Ain't nobody's bitch
My wounds I self stitch
I ignore the itch
To socialize
To realize
To see through other peoples eyes
I'm deaf to my own cries
But I'm deaf to the lies
You can't deny
With no friends you don't cry
I'll be this way till I die or learn to scry
I am an altogether different being
I got black wings of fire and eyes of true seeing

I can't fucking breath
I'm suffocating
It's isolation
What the fuck am I hiding from?

I'm suffocating
It's isolation
What the fuck am I hiding from?


from Rabbit Junk (2004) Original and 2008 Remaster, released September 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Rabbit Junk Los Angeles, California

Rabbit Junk is a cyberPUNK and industrial metal duo based in Southern California, USA. Members = Dr. JP (words, music, producer, guitar, vocals) and Sum Grrrl (words, vocals, keyboards).


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