June '15: Rabbit Junk begins recording new EP "beast", due out in fall! 1t w1ll b3 fr33!

Glitch Mode Recordings re-releases The Named! Glitch Mode is proud to re-release this unsung classic of politico-industrial metal featuring Rabbit Junk and Ex The Shizit front man JP Anderson. Contains new (2015) single "Discipline"! Download free or pay waht you want here

Industrial...is dead! More resurrection flashback from Glitch Mode Recordings: classic demo of "Industrial...is dead" (2006) now on bandcamp - fr33!

Thank you all for Rabbit Junk's most successful release on Glitch Mode Recordings yet!! We can't overstate the positive feeling of the "Invasion EP" being so well received : ) As you know, Rabbit Junk puts out free music and let's fans pay only if they can - we don't believe in putting up barriers to you getting your tunes (we respect the right of your ears to be blasted regardless of socioeconomic status). So far just about 15% of people who downloaded also chose to pay. This is just a reminder that if you downloaded and decide you value the music, you can still throw down a buck or two to help the cause -

Rabbit Junk Invasion EP out now! - listen and download at bandcamp AND iTunes

Rabbit Junk release first live EP! Free (or pay what you want)! bandcamp

New EP out now on bandcamp (Pay what you want, no min.) and iTunes (pay iTunes).


Classic RJ shirts now available from glitchmode records! Go here


New stand alone single "Break Shins to This" out today! Get it free here! Check out the video by M Dot Strange here! You can also get "break Shins to this" on iTunes, Amazon, etc.


New Rabbit Junk single "Own Up" released! http://www.glitchmode.com/rabbit-junk/


Classic "Murder Bunny" shirt available - limited quantities. Go to: http://www.glitchmode.com/rabbit-junk/


Check out the new rabbit junk single "own up" on youtube and Dl for free at http://www.glitchmode.com/rabbit-junk/


Check out the trailer of the newly released animated film featuring JP from Rabbit Junk (along with JImmy Urine of MSI) by M Dot Strage!


Another new single is fast approaching completion. Set to be released on Glicthmode Recordings.


Rabbit Junk releases new track "Boy With The Sun In His Eyes". New ground for RJ, this track takes influence from 80's genius Peter Gabriel and the modern sounds of the (long awaited) EDM explosion. Download here: http://www.glitchmode.com/rabbit-junk/


Rabbit Junk releases new single! "Bubble" can be downloaded -pay what you want - at http://www.glitchmode.com/rabbit-junk/


We are currentky recording two new singles, "Bubble" and "Boy With The Sun In His Eyes". Happy to announce that we think they should be available at glitchmode.com this month!


We opened for Atari Teenage Riot on Sep 5th! After waiting 15 years to play with them, the stars finally aligned and we were honored to share the stage. Thanks to eveyone who made it out! And special thanks to Alec, Nic, Otto, Derek, Mike Thrasher, and The Hawthorne in PDX! Much love!

8/5/2011 - New Rabbit Junk Video!

Two new singles out on glicthmode recordings! For the next two weeks (starting today 7-28-2011) Both singles can be downloaded, with art and lyrics, from glitchmode, FOR PAY WhAT YOU WANT! That's right, nab for free or show your support and hit the donate button. After the two weeks, both tracks will be on iTunes, bandcamp, Amazon, and Zune. Click here to check oyt the new tracks and download

NEW SINGLE "LUCID SUMMATIONS" on iTunes, Amazon, Zune, and Bandcamp

Click your favored link to hear it!

Rabbit Junk will open for Atari Teenage Riot, Sep 5th 2011 in Portland, OR. We're gonna start the fucking riot!

Rabbit Junk will be releasing two new singles this summer! Look out for release dates.


Project Nonagon, which is essentially part II of RJ's last full length "This Life...", is now out on Full Effect records. Nab the MP3's here! 9 tracks in all, featuring the Cthulu inspired "From The Stars" and the uber catchy hardclash anthem "Devotee"!! Mighty

! The Named (Ex-Shizit) to release strictly limited ed.Vinyl/CD combo this summer! Check out the new shirt design here: The Named Shirt

News 4-21-2010

Project Nonagon: This Death...II is done! Check out the new tracks at www.myspace.com/rabbitjunkband
They will be available for Download soon!
Rabbit Junk will be on tour this summer with Unter Null and Cyanotic - check back for the dates and places

News 11-10-2009!

For those who haven't heard, JP put out a new album under the moniker "The Named"! For Free! You can download it here! 11 tracks, all free, listen, share, host. And visit The Named on myspace

And don't forget to pick up the first Shizit album, Soundtrack For The Revolution, exclusively here! They still have original sealed copies. And they are ultra-rare. Once this initial batch is gone it WILL NEVER be pressed again. So get yours today!

News 08-02-2009!

Download and read JP's tour journal from the his adventure with Cyanotic and 16volt. Check it out here!

News 07-24-2009!

Ghetto Blasphemer II, the epic short story meets Lovecraftian black metal experiment is now available for free download (.zip). Go to the Nonagon page!

News 06-28-2009!

JP has completed another new track for his project Wolves Under Sail. Free download of this epic viking saga here! Ghetto Blasphemer II is nearly done! Man is this some out there shit. Be ready, Cthulu is on the way! Looking forward to the Cyanotic VS Rabbit Junk west coast dates! First stop is Seattle, July 6th @ Studio Seven/ Whoo!