New album update: Will Die: Meditations on Mortality is nearing completion! No releae date yet but stay tuned! \m/

Achievement unlocked! 23k+ monlthy listeners on Spotify.

OUT NOW! Like the Flesh Does the Knife EP

SHIRTS! We are going through a new print&ship supplier called inktale. Several designs on any color T, all sizes

Check out clips from the forthcoming REMIX EP "Like the Flesh Does the Knife"

Rabbit Junk is currently putting together a remix EP. In the mean time, check out these FREE mashy dance floor mixes by Rabbit Junk Antonym, "Liar's World" (Rabbit Junk Mix) (2016) and Solid State, Vital (I saw will byers on the dance floor mix)

Happy new year everyone! 2k17 is gonna rawk, lot's of music forthcoming: my latest project Ovter God will drop its first EP, "Kvlt Life"; I'll release a crushing remix for up and comers Antonym this month; Glitch Mode Recordings is helping put together a Rabbit Junk remix EP for a relese in the spring; DEROSNEC is putting out tracks produced by JP this month; and Rabbit Junk will release a FULL LENGTH (expect summer release with a single before)! 2k16 was a great fkn year - thanks for the continued love and support!

Rabbit Junk's remix of SOLID STATE's "Vital" now availabe on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else. Get Vital (I Saw Will Byers on the Dance Floor Mix by Rabbit Junk)HERE!

Also, check out this Stranger Things inspiredFAN VIDEO!

Rabbit Junk's first physical CD release in 6 years, CONSOLIDATE (retrospective compilation of our EP's since 2014), has totally SOLD OUT! Actually sold out within a few days of release. We're sticking to the "limited edition" thing and not pressing anymore but you can still download FREE here CONSOLIDATE

Glitch Mode Records reissues GHETTO BLASPHEMER II – FROM THE STARS (2010), Rabbit Junk’s completely bizarre experiment of HP Lovecraft inspired short stories done spoken word style over symphonic black metal with subtle electronic influences. Available for a short time only!

download Ghetto Blasphemer II from Glitch Mode Recordings

Also, for those that missed it: Rabbit Junk has released a lot of FREE music over the past year and a half.

Beast EP (2015) – a culmination of everything Rabbit Junk has done is the last decade

Invasion EP (2014) – a dark horse EP

Pop that Pretty Thirty EP (2014) – IDONTGIVEAFUCK is damn classic, people

Out now, pay what you want: Singles from the Lost Years 2011-2013. Singles from the Lost Years 2011-2013 is a compilation of Rabbit Junk singles and b-sides that never got the traction we think they deserve. Everything has been remastered to deliver a more seamless listening experience between the older and the newer - these tracks come to you as the artist intended. They show Rabbit Junk's transitions from a more traditional rock setup to a predominantly electronic interpretation of RJ's signature experimentation with genre-mashing. Of special interest to the stoner-gamer are the 3 instrumental tracks, including the never before released instrumental version of Break Shins to This. These instrumentals illuminate the nuance and detail that can often be obscured by vocals. As a bonus track, we have included a remaster of From the Ashes, the first track produced by JP after the death of his sister from cancer in 2013 - this shit is for real, feel it. "Art is authenticated by suffering". Glitchmode Recordings

Singles from the lost Years 2011-2013 now live on Itunes

Watch your step, the BEAST is free!! Rabbit Junk's latest offering "BEAST" available from Glitch Mode Recordings! PAY WHAT YOU WANT Glitchmode Recordings

9/10 - "a must have for anyone looking to try something new and different from the general metal or electronic scenes"-Rocksins.com


Also live on SPOTIFY, Amazon Music, or your favorite digital music provider!

Latest interview with JP from ReGen magazine - JP talks about the new EP "Beast" out on Oct. 28th

Release date set for new EP "beast" 10/28/2015

JP interviewed by RockSins - JP discusses everything from Rabbit Junk's rocky career to segregation in pop music to the forthcoming EP "Beast" (and reveals the track listing!)

June '15: Rabbit Junk begins recording new EP "beast", due out in fall! 1t w1ll b3 fr33!

Glitch Mode Recordings re-releases The Named! Glitch Mode is proud to re-release this unsung classic of politico-industrial metal featuring Rabbit Junk and Ex The Shizit front man JP Anderson. Contains new (2015) single "Discipline"! Download free or pay what you want here

Industrial...is dead! More resurrection flashback from Glitch Mode Recordings: classic demo of "Industrial...is dead" (2006) now on bandcamp - fr33!

Thank you all for Rabbit Junk's most successful release on Glitch Mode Recordings yet!! We can't overstate the positive feeling of the "Invasion EP" being so well received : ) As you know, Rabbit Junk puts out free music and let's fans pay only if they can - we don't believe in putting up barriers to you getting your tunes (we respect the right of your ears to be blasted regardless of socioeconomic status). So far just about 15% of people who downloaded also chose to pay. This is just a reminder that if you downloaded and decide you value the music, you can still throw down a buck or two to help the cause -

Rabbit Junk Invasion EP out now! - listen and download at bandcamp AND iTunes

Rabbit Junk release first live EP! Free (or pay what you want)! bandcamp

New EP out now on bandcamp (Pay what you want, no min.) and iTunes (pay iTunes).


Classic RJ shirts now available from glitchmode records! Go here


New stand alone single "Break Shins to This" out today! Get it free here! Check out the video by M Dot Strange here! You can also get "break Shins to this" on iTunes, Amazon, etc.